So, who did the jury believe? Ryan and Maisie, who claim nasty Nathan is the real murderer? Or did they believe grieving widow Natasha’s performance and fall for Nathan’s Mr Nice Guy routine? The 12 men and women are ready to deliver their verdict and, whatever it is, the lives of the Wyldes and the Lambs will never be the same.

Holly’s not going to have any life at all if she doesn’t stop shooting up. Moira and farmer John have tried everything to stop her using heroin short of tying her up and… Oooh, they could tie her up, stick her in the barn with nasty Nathan and tell her she’s staying there until she swears off the drugs. Surely she’d rather be drug-free than cooped up with that creep. Moira comes up with another idea: methadone – the drug you take when you don’t want to take hard drugs.

Dirty flirty Eve doesn’t want to be the woman Carl has when he’s not having Chas and is dreading Chas’s return from holiday. So is Carl – but for very different reasons. Will he really dump Chas for Eve?

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