Ned informs the ill Kirsten that he is arranging for her to transfer to Perth for specialist treatment. Not wanting to put the Parkers under financial strain, Kirsten refuses to go, and tells Ned her illness is fates way of punishing her for her affair with Paul. Feeling distressed and powerless, Ned is angry when Paul confronts him about Kirsten’s worsening condition and angrily tells Paul that he’s responsible for Kirsten’s attitude, prompting Paul to make Ned an interesting offer…

Miranda is struggling to cope following the news that Nicola is in love with her husband and slept with her son. Steve confronts Nicola, but their altercation only serves to make Steve question his true feelings for his sister-in-law. Later, Steve makes a shocking confession which rocks Miranda.

Steph convinces Libby not to let Lucas get away with behaving badly towards her, after he stood her up. She persuades Libby to take some bold action and demonstrate what kind of woman she really is. Agreeing to follow Steph’s advice, Libby steps out of her comfort zone and is satisfied with the results.

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