Will Pierce admit to rape in court?

Will Pierce do the right thing and tell the judge and jury he raped Rhona, his wife, on their wedding day?

So… in private Pierce has admitted to Rhona that he did, in fact, rape her. But now he’s back in the courtroom will he do right by his former wife and admit the same in front of the judge and jury? Is Rhona finally going to see the case swing her way or will manipulative rapist Pierce continue playing the victim?

Elsewhere, Cain’s stuffed up big time. Thinking that Harriet’s attackers are going to get away with the crime, he’s taken matters into his own hands. But the vicar is livid. Will she dump the mechanic?

At Home Farm, Gerry is still getting under Lachlan’s skin, and Lawrence tries to hide his growing concern about Chrissie fancying ‘Simon’ AKA her uncle Tim!