Gulp! Pierce is getting close to the truth VIDEO)

In the wake of Paddy’s affair with Tess, things haven’t been easy between the vet and his betrayed wife Rhona. But the couple are really trying to patch things up and surprise themselves by actually enjoying each other’s company and planning a mini-break to Paris! But it doesn’t look like the cosy vibe will last long when Pierce, Tess’s widower, arrives and drops a bombshell on the couple. They’re stunned when Pierce explains he’s found a mobile phone his wife had been secretly using, and has worked out she was having an affair! Paddy pales as Rhona agrees to meet up with Pierce to talk. Will she tell Pierce that her husband Paddy was his wife’s lover?

The heartache continues for Laurel who’s devastated that her husband has no memory of their recent remarriage. When Ashley finds the wedding photos he asks Harriet to talk him through the ceremony stage by stage. Later, Laurel’s relieved when Ashley informs her he remembers their big day, leaving the vicar feeling dreadful for his deceit.

When Charity asks Nicola for the haulage accounts, will she suss that she’s been given a fake set?