Gunman Dean fights for his life

Dean’s actions in the Paradice club puts the partygoers’ lives in danger, but Abs and Kelsey escape unharmed. Unaware of the tragedy unfolding at the club, it’s a normal New Year’s Eve at A&E but when the news comes about the major incident, Tess has to take control of the department for the first time without Charlie.

In the ED, the staff battle to save Dean, but he dies, while Dean’s mother, Kate, survives. Later, Dean’s half-sister, Milly, is found in his car, outside the club. Meanwhile, Adam and Alice are stuck together in a broken down lift with a pregnant woman. Adam is claustrophobic, so Alice must deliver the baby.

After the night’s events, there’s some light relief courtesy of a bagpiper who isn’t going to let a chronic wind problem get in the way of performing Auld Lang Syne at midnight.