Guppy leaves – as a familiar face returns…

Returning from London without Harry, Guppy is depressed as he waits on a deserted train platform. When a young boy gets stuck in the tracks trying to retrieve his ball, Guppy is forced to break his arm in order to free him from the path of a train, ultimately saving his life.

Back at the hospital, the child’s condition worsens, and Guppy’s quick reactions are praised by everyone. Maggie tries to persuade Guppy to stay, but Guppy has made up his mind. Having regained his confidence as a doctor, he’s now seeking pastures new as he says his goodbyes and leaves the hospital for good.

Just as Guppy departs, Harry turns up and announces to the shocked department that he’s back as the new Consultant Manager. And Nathan is horrified to learn that Harry’s his new boss!

Meanwhile, Toby experiences a death in his care, and Josh and Charlie argue when Charlie expresses concern about the motives of Josh’s visitors.

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