Gus dumps Sean’s drugs

Christian is stunned when he walks into the Beales’ to be confronted by a raging Ian, who tells him that Steven has ‘revealed’ that Christian tried it on with him. Christian is furious that Ian believes Steven’s lies and Ian bans Christian from the children’s party they are catering for. When Jane supports Ian, he decides to leave the Square.

Sean’s belongings are still at Gus’s flat and Stacey collects his stuff for him. Sean checks his bag, it’s clear that something is missing… Gus is stunned when Keisha turns up and tells him she wants to start again and invites him to go on tour with her as her roadie. Gus decides to leave Walford with Keisha but first he marches into the Slaters and dumps Sean’s missing drugs on the table in front of the stunned Slaters.

Zainab is angry when Tiffany sets up a hopscotch grid outside her house and she argues with Bianca. Ricky is weary that Bianca is arguing with Zainab rather than apologising. A repentant Tiffany decides to wash off the chalk markings but she accidentally enrages Zainab further when she tips the soapy water into Zainab’s new window boxes and ruins the flowers.

Also, Roxy takes the morning-after pill.

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