It’s all change at Holby City emergency department this week when new consultant Connie Beauchamp arrives on the wards.

With clinical lead Zoe running late – and no idea Connie’s been appointed by the hospital’s CEO Guy Self – Connie soon makes herself at home.

Connie makes it clear her presence spells bad news for Zoe – and possibly the rest of the department. While Zoe realises she could be fighting a losing battle, as Connie has Guy’s full backing.

Elsewhere, Lily is determined to prove herself a team player and a changed doctor, but she soon discovers she’ll have to work hard to convince her co-workers, who have been putting up with her unfriendly attitude for months.

And there’s a major shock for Ash, who discovers his teenage daughter Ella has been having a secret relationship with her maths teacher! He puts his foot down and insists she comes to live with him for a while. Ella pretends to be annoyed by this but is clearly delighted to have her father’s full attention…