Guy gets caught!

While Toadie lies wounded, Guy comes out of the house and demands Boyd hand over his car keys to make a clean getaway. But Guy trips up and Karl and Susan trap him as Toadie is rushed to hospital where he’s taken to the operating theatre.

During the operation, Toadie dreams he sees a vision of Steph urging him to fight for his life. Luckily Toadie pulls through, but, with a bullet fragment lodged dangerously close to his spinal cord, he faces the real prospect of being paralysed.

Meanwhile, Steph keeps vigil and ends up professing her love for Toadie. Elsewhere, Katya, Karl and Zeke are trying to come to terms with recent events, with Katya riddled with guilt, and Zeke and Karl blaming themselves for Toadie’s plight.

Elsewhere, Rosie is unable to resist Paul’s advances, and ends up kissing him passionately on her desk. But they’re interrupted when Frazer knocks on the door intent on talking to her, prompting Rosie to send Paul packing, telling him she wants to be alone.

Desperate for some advice, she confides in Pepper, admitting she can’t shake off her desire for Paul. Pepper tries to help her friend by warning Frazer that he’s in danger of losing Rosie to Paul, prompting Frazer to apologise to Rosie, but she’s still unsure about which man to choose.