Katya’s furious when she finds her arch enemy Guy making friends with Zeke, Rachel and Ned at the General Store, and dares him to give the incriminating evidence on her to the police. But it soon becomes clear that Guy isn’t going to give up that easily when he gives Rachel and Bree a lift to school and takes a picture of them on his mobile.

Elsewhere, Will realises he may need to return to his old privileged life if he’s to get the cash for Carmella’s expensive treatment but Frazer comes to the rescue when he offers to help Will win the money for Carmella’s operation. Luckily, their bet pays off and Will informs Carmella that a top burns specialist will be flying in to treat her. Later, Frazer tells Rosie how he feels about her and is disappointed when she turns him down.

Meanwhile, Pepper is shocked when her parents decide to throw her an engagement party – but is even more bewildered when Zeke declares his love for her in the midst of the celebrations!

Also, Janae’s furious with Christine over her patronising attitude and jumps at the chance of a job at a rival garage, especially after Christine tells her she’s making a huge mistake. And Bree is fed up with her name so decides on an exotic change.