Guy Sykes is back in town

When Zeke realises the money Bridget and Declan found belonged to his sister Katya, who was trying to pay off criminal Guy Sykes, he insists they bury it again and not stir up trouble. Unknown to Zeke, Mickey witnesses the burial and returns to dig up the money with Callum. The boys hide the money again before taking some on a spending spree where they are sprung by Steve and Toadie.

Toadie is alarmed when Zeke tells him the money belongs to Guy – the man who once shot him. Concerned the publicity could get Katya into trouble and draw Guy Sykes back to Ramsay Street, they try to stop Elle printing an article on the money. But they are too late. Very soon Guy’s back in Erinsborough and demanding his twenty thousand dollars from Zeke.

Dan is surprised that Libby has decided to pull out of the race to be principal of Erinsborough High and devote more time to Ben. She feels she needs to take a step back from teaching to be a mother and a wife. They are both thrilled when Dan gets the job, but he is less than happy to learn he must also direct the school play.

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