Guy is desperate to retrieve the cash he believes Katya owes him and attempts to ingratiate himself with her family, especially Rachel who’s desperate to clear her sister’s name. Guy offers to help out, and Rachel is grateful, unaware she’s being used.

With Katya in a coma, Steiger presents evidence to Susan, Karl and Ned that implicates Katya in a stolen car racket. Furious Karl and Ned can’t believe it and Susan and Rachel are convinced there’s been a mistake.

Pepper and Frazer call a truce to their fighting and agree to put their ‘past’ behind them, with Frazer even volunteering to be present when Pepper tells her father that their engagement wasn’t real. Later, Pepper tells a reluctant Rosie to take a chance on Frazer, who’s still trying his best to win her round.

Lou and Mishka continue with their plans to fool the Immigration Department by writing fake character references from all of their friends. Harold disapproves when he finds out, and Lou and Mishka come up with another idea to make fake home videos of themselves.

But after some honest legal advice from Rosie, the lovebirds decide that maybe honesty is the best policy…