After her birthday brunch, Piper receives another message from T-Bone. This time, Piper tells Tyler straight away and assures him that she will deal with him, but both of them are unaware that Hamish is orchestrating a plan to tear them apart. Piper tells T-Bone to back off, but when T-Bone gives her a gift, she fails to tell Tyler and plays right into Hamish’s hands…

Sonya suggests that she and Toadie take a trip down memory lane together, in order to relive the moments that made them fall in love with one another. The pair start off by re-enacting the moment they first met. However, when Sonya suggests they head to the lovelock bridge, Toadie begins to panic as he pulled off their lovelock in anger last week. Will Sonya find out what Toadie did?

Also, Gary grabs a quiet drink at a bar and runs into Elly and her friend Caro, a former teaching colleague from Sydney. Caro is looking to have some fun, but Elly isn’t in the mood. Caro decides to have fun with Gary and slips him her room key. Will he take her up on the offer?