Hammer gives Heath a warning

Heath gets attacked by Hammer’s crew and Brax warns him to stay away from them. But when Heath learns that Tegan has gone back to Jake, he is even more determined to seek them out. Brax makes it clear he won’t stick around to clean up his mess, but Heath threatens to grass up his relationship with Charlie to the cops. Poor old Brax is stuck between a rock and a hard place yet again.

Xavier is a fish out of water out at Kelly’s farm, and Kelly’s mother doesn’t help matters by making him feel even more unwelcome. Kelly defends her mother’s behaviour by saying she’s been under a lot of pressure, what with her husband dying and then Dean’s arrest. Xavier is determined to give life on the land a go, but Mrs O’Mara is equally determined to make life difficult for him.

Charlie confesses to Inspector Joyce about her relationship with Brax, but he allows her to remain on their case. When she tells Brax the good news, he’s far from happy. He reckons she’s always choosing her job over him.