Will Smith is in his element as superhero Hancock, who may save many lives but is hugely unpopular with the public.

He’s grumpy, hard-drinking and causes destruction wherever he goes and people are fed up with him. However, things start to look up when he rescues grateful PR guru Jason Bateman, who offers to smarten up his image.

Hancock’s soon a hit with Bateman’s son – but his wife Charlize Theron inexplicably proves a lot harder to win over…

This film starts off as a witty comedy and then explodes into a more serious action blockbuster. The two halves don’t always sit well together, especially when Hancock discovers the tragic story behind his origins, and for a 12 certificate it is a bit free and easy with the bad language and violence.

There are also some bizarre continuity errors, including what appears to be a giant robot in the background of one sequence, the presence of which is never explained.

However, Smith, Theron and Bateman are appealing and it is still hugely entertaining.