The Handmaid’s Tale

As the dystopian drama continues on Channel 4, June is back in Gilead and, as Offred, is about to receive a strange baby shower in The Handmaid's Tale

It seemed too good to be true that June (Elisabeth Moss) would escape Gilead so early in the series, but that didn’t stop us wailing at the TV when she was captured moments from freedom.

Now, in a gut-wrenching return to hell, she’s Offred again.

When she returns to the Waterfords’, they express relief that she survived the ‘kidnapping’ before throwing a disturbing baby shower.

The Handmaid's Tale

There is tension after the baby shower between Ofrobert (Nina Kirio) and Offred (Elisabeth Moss)

But how will Serena Joy react when Offred won’t sit in silence?

TV Times rating: *****