Hands off, Andy!

Sleeping with Andy to make a saviour sibling for Sarah was never going to be straightforward, but it has become a lot more complicated than Debbie ever imagined. Andy’s convinced that because Debbie slept with him she must feel something for him. He certainly feels something for her! And now he won’t leave her alone. When Andy hears Debbie’s gone to see a doctor without him he takes off after her. Debbie’s glad of his support, too, as the doctor asks awkward questions, such as: what’s Debbie going to do if the baby is not a match for Sarah? Good one, Doc! There’s more awkwardness, too, when Cameron finds Andy comforting Debbie in the cafe. He’s accepted the baby for Debbie and Sarah’s sake, but he won’t accept Andy putting his hands on Debbie. Oh, if only he knew…

Holly knows something Moira doesn’t and, suddenly, she’s less prickly towards her mum. What Holly knows is that her dad farmer John has taken a shine to Chas (who really should have a revolving door fitted to accommodate the Emmerdale menfolk). Holly doesn’t like this. She’s still angry with her mum, but she doesn’t want her dad to find another woman.

Rodney continues to profit from his new money-making scheme: blackmailing Carl. If only Ali and Ruby had someone to blackmail… They owe Declan a fortune in rent and they haven’t got it to give him.