In this third movie, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms are back in Las Vegas on a mission to save pal Justin Bartha.

This is only fitfully funny, though a lot better than episode number two, as Galifianakis drags his Wolfpack pals into an overly convoluted web of intrigue.

Their mission is to hunt down Mr Chow (Ken Jeong, even brasher than before) who crime kingpin John Goodman wants in exchange for Bartha.

It’s a roundabout route from LA to Mexico, then to Sin City as writer-director Todd Phillips struggles to find the right tone, or any stroke of originality. Still, the cast is well worth your effort, there are some funny moments along the way and some great Buster Keaton-style stuntwork atop Caesar’s Palace. But you probably won’t remember much about the film the morning after.