Hannah and Chris keep up their act

When Chris and Hannah arrive at the sponsors’ dinner, Hannah plays the girlfriend role perfectly. Meanwhile, Principle Snelgrove catches Irene off-guard when he asks her out on a date. Later, Ivana is beginning to see that Chris and Hannah aren’t really together, until Hannah snogs him in front of everyone!

Leah tells Zac that he needs to speak to his son about his vicious ways. Zac confronts Hunter and tells him some home truths. Hunter twists Charlotte round his little finger and tells her that Leah has been throwing her weight around for no reason. With that, Charlotte confronts Leah in The Diner, and things get nasty when Leah makes a jab about a paternity test.

Charlotte tells Zac she’s furious that Leah has asked for a paternity test. Zac heads home and Leah asks him how can they be certain Charlotte is telling the truth, leaving Zac in an awkward position.