Hannah and Darren kiss

Hannah is at a loose end when Nancy is too busy to spend time with her. Hannah resorts to asking Cindy if she wants to hang out but gets it thrown back in her face. Darren realises that Hannah is feeling down and lonely and, in an effort to cheer her up, he suggests a night in with a romcom. The couple end up having a heart-to-heart and it leads to a passionate kiss…

Cindy is sure that Tony will come crawling back to her as soon as he’s had time to cool down, not realising that Tony has seen her getting it on with Darren. Cindy is taken aback by Tony’s coolness towards her and when she asks him if he wants to come over she’s horrified when he tells her that they’re relationship is over.

Carmel is furious when she discovers that someone has robbed Evissa and she blames her sisters. Carmel discovers that Theresa is the thief and that Jacqui put her up to it. Mercedes has a go at Jacqui for winding up Carmel but Jacqui stubbornly refuses to make her peace with her. Later, Jacqui is stunned when she gets a postcard from Russ.

Also, Rhys swallows his pride and apologises to Suzanne and Neville.

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