Hannah meets up with Jamie, and seeing he’s in pain she realises Rhys has beat him up. Feeling like he’s getting somewhere Jamie asks Hannah to leave with him and start afresh. He moves in for a kiss, to which Hannah responds. As she walks away, we see Rhys is watching.

Ravi decides to start up a boxing club and he throws himself into the organising. And after some encouragement from Carmel, Calvin agrees to help. They soon rope in Malachy and it’s all hands on deck to set up all of Ravi’s old equipment in the hall.

Elliot is becoming increasingly frustrated with a manic Archie. Sheila quickly intervenes and demands that Archie, and Kris, leave Elliot alone. Elliot’s now in a foul mood and when Sheila appears in a skimpy leotard, he assumes all her help has only been to get him in bed. Furious, Elliot unleashes his frustration on Sheila, who only wanted him to exercise to help him concentrate.

Mercedes is feeling jealous and turns up at the Valentines’ to make Calvin an offer she’s sure he won’t refuse, but is left feeling cheap and used. Later with Carmel, Mercedes tries to subtly ask about Calvin but is left reeling when a giddy Carmel admits she still loves him.

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