Hannah and Nancy kick off!

Nancy, Hannah, Kris and Darren are caught up in the disaster re-enactment at HCC and are increasingly uncomfortable as they await rescue. Hannah closes down to a prying Darren, and instead turns her frustrations towards Nancy. Malachy’s arrival as a steward turns Kris’ head and the brothers talk about the women in their lives.

Malachy locks the door on Hannah and Nancy and before they know it, tears are falling as they realise how much they miss Sarah. Nancy and Kris eventually realise they do want to be together and head back to the flat.

Rhys is surprised when Anita calls round, wanting to speak to them about Hannah. Even though Rhys hints that he believes her, Suzanne won’t listen. Hannah arrives back and Rhys asks her if she’s eating properly. They’re both conscious that she doesn’t answer the question before storming out. A furious Hannah arrives on Darren’s doorstep and declares she’s moving in.

Also; Leila’s unable to understand Anita’s reasons for lying, but the sisters eventually reach an understanding and Anita promises she won’t contact Hannah again. As Anita’s guilt resurfaces about Hannah, Ricky tells her she doesn’t have to pretend to be ill for her family to love her more.

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