Hannah and Darren wake up cold and hungry in their grotty B&B. Darren is concerned by Hannah’s fragile state but Hannah is in denial over her anorexia and determined to have fun.

Hannah suddenly collapses leaving a helpless Darren to watch. As she comes round, Darren desperately tries to persuade her to go to hospital but she’s adamant she just needs some rest. Darren makes the decision to call Rhys and Hannah’s distraught by Darren’s betrayal as Rhys and Josh arrive. Darren calls for an ambulance, and he breaks down.

Theresa still can’t believe her mum is back. The pair glam themselves up and head to Il Gnosh, Tony is thrilled to see mother and daughter re-united. Cindy, however, quizzes her on where she’s been ’til now, knowing full well the answer is prison. Theresa can’t believe her luck when Kathleen insists she’s back for good.

Meanwhile, As Lydia moves in for a kiss and Zoe’s immediate reaction is to recoil, leaving Lydia annoyed. Knowing she has to rectify the situation Zoe takes the lead and kisses Lydia. As things become more passionate, a stunned Mike and Amy walk back in and a horrified Zoe is told to pack her bags and leave…

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