Hannah asks Andy why he’s not responded to her messages. Andy gives her the brush off and tells her that Denny told him she’s not interested. Hannah confronts Denny, who says she was trying to protect the family. Hannah and Andy meet, and she says that can’t be together. Unable to give up, Andy heads to the hospital and tells Hannah how he feels and the pair end up in a passionate clinch. Meanwhile, sparks continue to fly between Denny and Ash, prompting Denny to look at her engagement ring from Casey.

Jett brings home his Year 10 report card with excellent results, but Marilyn is concerned with comments that say: Jett ‘lacks focus and is wasting his potential’. An upset Marilyn wants to discuss the feedback with Zac.

Evelyn and Josh arrange their first date now they’re back together, when Josh discovers that Maddy has cancer. When he turns up for his date, he tells Evelyn they can’t be together right now. Evelyn tries to change his mind, but he explains that things are complicated, leaving her devastated.