Talk of Craig and John-Paul’s kiss is all over school, not helped by someone putting a poster up illustrating the amorous moment. Nancy encourages a distraught Hannah and angry Sarah to give single life a go, while John-Paul attempts to talk to Craig – but he’s more interested in trying to save his relationship with Sarah.

Hannah turns up to confront John-Paul and find out the truth once and for all, and she’s shocked when John-Paul admits he’s gay and that he doesn’t feel the same way about her as he does for Craig.

Elsewhere, Michaela clashes with Sarah when she refuses to believe her brother is gay, and tells Carmel, Mercedes and Tina what she’s heard. Mercedes in particular is unable to deal with the possibility that her brother is gay, which only adds to the awkwardness when John-Paul returns to the house.

Carmel tells Mercedes that she doesn’t care whether John-Paul is gay, while Michaela worries about her reputation. Mercedes stuns Frankie by informing her that Craig was the one who instigated the kiss with John-Paul leading Frankie to confront Craig, who insists that it was all a drunken mistake.

Also, Louise insists she’s not interested in Warren and tells him she wants to buy his share of Evissa.
* Screened on TV3, Wednesday 7th March *