Danny instantly regrets it when he wakes up next to Mercedes and can’t usher her out quick enough to avoid being caught by the Valentines. Meanwhile, Hannah is furious to discover that Darren set her up and demands an explanation in front of Jack and Frankie. Jack tells Darren to come clean to Danny who soon realises Mercedes stitched him up. Later, Danny tries to make it up to Hannah, but she is unable to forgive him for this infidelity and ends their relationship.

Newt catches Eli stealing the takings from The Dog and warns him to stop. He confesses to Lauren that both he and Eli were responsible for the bombs and now Eli has stolen money. Later, Newt orders Eli to return the money but Eli overpowers him and disappears. As Jack desperately accuses everyone around him for stealing the takings, a scream is heard from Frankie who has discovered a threatening scrawl on the living room wall reading ‘Eli’s gonna get you.’

Also, Nancy and Ravi continue to wind each other up as Nancy tries to humiliate him by arranging for him to take a boxercise class with Hannah and Carmel.

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