Andy is angry to discover he’s covering for Casey so that Casey can help get Brax a reduced sentence. He decides to skip work and hangs out with Hannah instead. Elsewhere, Kyle tells Casey why Andy didn’t show up for his shift and when Casey tried to explain it to Andy, he tells Casey to shove his job. Having overheard, Hannah points out to Andy that maybe it would help him if he learned the full story about his father’s death. Andy apologises to Casey for quitting.

Adam apologises to Ricky for using her the way he did, but Ricky tells him that his words don’t mean much unless he helps Brax. Adam refuses, saying it would mean more time in jail for him.

When Casey gives Andy his job back, Phoebe is disturbed to see that Kyle is well ensconced in this world of crime. Kyle tries to apologise and explains that a lot has happened since he left Melbourne. Phoebe wants the truth or she’s going to leave.

Irene arrives to find a romantic dinner set up at the house and Alf tells her about the blind date. Just as Chris, John, Marilyn and Roo are toasting a job well done, the blind date calls and cancels.