Hannah Barton has been suffering at the hands of bullies for weeks. Hannah thinks she has a sympathetic friend in Victoria Sugden, but cowardly Victoria has actually been one of the nasty gang of girls who have made Hannah’s school days a nightmare… The final straw for Hannah is when she discovers Victoria knew all long that it was Kayleigh who was masterminding her torment. Hannah snaps and dunks Victoria’s head in the pub toilet, then flushes. Hannah’s family is confused by her fury until they see the nasty messages on her phone. Victoria confesses her part but now she’s worried about what Kayleigh will do to her…

Natasha isn’t worried enough about what Maisie may do… Hung over – again – Maisie plasters on a (sort of) brave face and plants herself behind the bar at The Woolpack. But while she’s trying to work and forget that she nearly slept with her brother Ryan, in comes Katie, to talk about Ryan. Aaaaaargh! How much more can Maisie take?

Val is worried about how much more effort Pollard can put into the restaurant before his dicky heart protests. Pollard insists he has a new lease of life – but is it a long lease?