Hannah goes to meet Darren, who confesses he sent Blue after Jamie, and suggests they could go travelling together. Hannah confronts Rhys and he’s shocked when Hannah tells him that she intends to leave and take the money with her. She tells Darren she intends to go travelling alone. But leaves him with a present, after she’s gone he opens it to find a photograph of them together and £5,000!

Anita receives a text from Lauren apologising for accusing her of destroying the costume. Lauren asks Anita to meet her in Mobs and is unaware that Gaz is filming the pair. The Ball begins and when Jacqui discovers Theresa drinking, she confiscates the alcohol only to drink it herself.

Duncan approaches Theresa and tells her he’s gay. Suddenly the projection screen fills with Anita’s face and we hear a dubbed-on voice declare she’s a liar. Leo spots Lauren and Gaz laughing at what they’ve done. He tells Lauren to stay away from Gaz, but she’s defiant and as the two leave together. Provoked, Leo punches him.

Also, Nancy returns home from work to find Kris lying on the sofa and the house a mess. Guilt-ridden Kris prepares a Valentine’s meal for Nancy but she arrives home late and a saddened Kris leaves.