Hannah hasn’t seen Sean, the hospital’s new neurosurgeon, in years, but she agrees to coffee as Oscar reveals to Maddy that Sean is Hannah’s ex. As the pair catch up, they run into Evelyn who is excited to see Sean. Later, Sean says he’s thought about Hannah a lot, but she tells him she has a boyfriend. Later, when Hannah returns home, she quickly shuts down any conversation about Sean.

Meanwhile, Evelyn has pulled out all the stops for Josh’s surprise birthday party, but tells him that they’ll have a quiet night in with the DVD player. As Josh leaves, he gets a voicemail from his mum in prison.

Maddy gets a text from Oscar signed off with an ‘X’, and she wonders what it means, as she heads to the Farmhouse to help him bake Josh’s birthday cake. However, Maddy is crushed when Oscar says they are better off as friends.

Alf has another therapy session where Maria touches a nerve when she talks about the night where he lost 12 men. Alf gets upset and comes close to having an anxiety attack, but manages to calm down.