Hannah passes out

Sarah and Nancy worry about how terrible Hannah looks, with Sarah determined to get to the bottom of what’s wrong. But it isn’t exactly easy with Melissa constantly hanging around. Undeterred, Sarah follows Melissa and Hannah into the toilets to discover the truth, but is shocked when an exhausted Hannah passes out.

With Warren behind bars, Justin and Katy return to Hollyoaks, only to be confronted by Louise who is angry that Justin is free when an innocent man is locked up. She discovers the police want to speak to Justin about Becca’s death, and forces him to go to the station.

As he waits to be questioned, Justin gets a text message from Katy and realises just what he’s set to lose. Later, Justin and Katy decide to make a fresh start and leave Hollyoaks but when Katy hears that Warren has been beaten up in prison, she’s torn between the two men in her life.

Desperately needing the cash, Jessica is thrilled to land a job reading horoscopes over the phone and talks Zak into joining her. She’s a big hit with her boss Adam, but Zak gets the sack when he spends more time chatting up girls. Jessica must choose between loyalty for her friend and earning some cash.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday September 4*