Zoe and Nancy arrive at the hospital as Hannah’s food arrives. Hannah lets rip on a clearly shaken Zoe until she flees the room, followed by Nancy. Whilst out, Zoe reveals a call was to let her know Lydia got sentenced to life. The girls return to find a much calmer Hannah with an empty plate. As Zoe tries to rewind the tape that’s been filming, Hannah suddenly destroys it.

Lauren and Gaz cause a stir by sharing a kiss in the common room. Anita confronts Lauren over Gaz, reminding her that he tried to attack her but Lauren quickly retaliates. Later, She tells Gaz that she’s thinking of changing her image but is surprised when he thinks it’s for him and tells her she should just be herself.

Gilly arrives to tell Cheryl he’s sorry, but she tells him to leave. Meanwhile, Steph’s heart melts. To her, Gilly is the perfect boyfriend but Cheryl remains frosty. In a last ditch attempt to win his woman, Gilly declares his love through a loud speaker.

Also; Cindy’s determined to make her business a success and with India’s help, she has the shop looking amazing. In Il Gnosh, Dominic can’t understand why Tony is being so negative and Tony is left to question his own motives.

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