Hannah seduces Andy

Hannah invites Andy over for dinner to prove that she no longer minds him being around her family. Zac gets cold feet when Andy turns up at the house and pretends he’s going on a camping trip with Oscar and drags his friend to set up a tent on the farm. But when Zac goes back to the house he has a shock to see Hannah in a silky bathrobe and Andy in bed.

Denny and Casey are smitten and Denny invites Casey to a family meal. At the end of the evening, the pair decide to take things slow. However, Casey leaves his car keys inside the house and decides to sleep in his unlocked car until the morning. When Denny finds him in the morning he admits it would have been too hard to resist her if he knocked again last night.

Alf stays by his daughter’s bedside in the hope that she will get better but things take a turn for the worse when Roo’s body starts to spasm.