Hannah shocks the twins

Hannah invites the twins and Zac round for lunch and tells the twins they have stopped her living her life, leaving Zac and Leah with two new mouths to feed – permanently. Andy collect his belongings from Hannah’s house and makes clear their relationship is over.

Maddy tells Matt that Charlotte threatened her, leaving him in disbelief. As the pair discuss Matt’s relationship with his teacher, Maddy agrees to keep quiet. Yet, it’s all too late for Charlotte and she tells him its over.

Later, at the beach, Andy bumps into Charlotte and there seems to be a spark between them. Roo starts receiving mysterious phone calls from a James Edmunds leaving everyone intrigued. That evening, Roo comforts Hannah who says with the twins gone, maybe she can start living her own life, giving Roo an idea…

Leah meets Charlotte and notices a man’s belt on the floor. Leah probes her new friend, and is overheard by Andy and Josh. Sensing Charlotte’s frustration, Andy says the belt is his to get her off the hook.