Hannah threatens Gilly

With Melissa in hospital, Hannah is feeling alone. And her troubles mount when Suzanne grounds her after discovering Melissa had been to the house. After receiving more disturbing news about Melissa, Hannah sets off for the hospital, but Gilly tries to block her way. Hannah threatens to cry rape if he doesn’t back off and Gilly is shocked when she carries out her threat, just as Rhys and Suzanne turn up. With Hannah uncontrollably sobbing in her mum’s arms, no one believes Gilly’s desperate explanations.

Elsewhere, Jessica’s dad Clive turns up just in time to stop a TV being seized from her room by the bailiff. Clive is seemingly loaded with cash, but Jessica’s hope turns to despair when the police turn up.

Darren lies to Zak that he bedded Zoe, but is later forced into an embarrassing climb down. Desperate to score, Darren bribes Zak and Elliot to give him space, but it all starts to go wrong. First, Zoe is angry that all Darren is interested in is sex. Then, as they finally get passionate, the bedroom curtain catches fire. Undeterred, Darren and Zoe carry on, until Jessica arrives sobbing uncontrollably, leaving Zoe to comfort her friend and Darren cursing his bad luck.

Also, with Russ in the spare room, Nancy’s patience is wearing thin.