Hannah tries to keep the twins safe from Murray

Hannah calls Zac to tell him to come home and warns him that Murray is waiting. Murray is soon suspicious that Hannah tipped Zac off. Murray threatens to bring the police in, but Oscar threatens to go to the police about the beating he gave Oscar. Evelyn doesn’t think Murray will be deterred and is worried about their dad. When the police arrive Zac and Hannah believe they are about to be arrested. However, Evelyn admits she called the police to take her back to the lodge to be with her dad. She won’t make a statement against Zac. They lead her away, leaving the family dismayed.

An annoyed Indi tells Chris that she knows about Robyn. Chris arrives at the gym to find Robyn barking on about her connection to him. Just as he’s about to come clean to Robyn, Indi stops him. She explains she doesn’t want Robyn in her life… but Chris isn’t out of the dog house yet.

A dejected Josh tells Maddy his dad skipped out on him and Andy after a botched robbery many years ago. Maddy invites Josh back to her house, but Alf makes it clear he doesn’t approve of him. Maddy asks Brax to help and Brax appeals to him to come home.