Hannah wants to forget about Darren

Hannah just wants to forget about her drunken nuptials in Denmark, but Rhys won’t let it drop. Hannah decides to get the marriage annulled, but she can’t remember whether they consummated their union. Hannah is relieved when Darren reveals that nothing happened between them, as is Darren, until Cindy points out that being married to Hannah could help him get back into The Dog.

Sasha is finding it difficult trying to deal with Spencer, who throws a tantrum when Warren’s solicitor mentions taking The Loft. Spencer is convinced that Warren is still alive and he doesn’t want to let go of The Loft just yet. Spencer gets another text from Warren’s phone and arranges to meet up with him. Spencer finds Ash, not Warren waiting for him, who claims to know where Warren is.

Malachy is scared that his illness may have flared up, but he can’t bring himself to admit it to Mercedes. Malachy agrees to go to the doctor, but fobs off Mercedes when she wants to go with him. Malachy returns home and tells Mercedes that the doctor insists it’s a false alarm. Although it’s clear he’s not being completely honest with his wife…

Also, Zak feels guilty when he has a sexy dream about Mercedes.

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