Hannah: You’ve betrayed me, all of you!

Rhys and Josh are consumed with guilt when they see how frail Hannah looks, and begin to blame each other for the extent of her illness, while Suzanne worries she’s let her daughter down. Hannah, meanwhile, is furious with her family, convinced they have betrayed her.

As Amy chats with Josh at school, she’s blissfully unaware that someone is watching her. Pleased that their relationship could be back on, Amy tries to cheer Josh up. However, her good mood quickly fades when Sarah announces that she’s got a brilliant modelling job, which will take her away from home for a night. Spending another night home alone, Amy is terrified when she hears the door slam, and a hooded figure walk in.

Although Jake is keen to have a quiet romantic evening in with Nancy, Russ warns him it’s Fresher’s week and Nancy will want to party. Jake’s confident Nancy would much prefer being home with him and Charlie, so when he finds her at the SU bar with Sarah and Danny, he’s furious.

Nancy agrees to head home when she learns Jake has planned a romantic meal, leaving Danny free to make a move on Sarah.