Hannah’s got a plan. Aaron’s partying while Paddy’s away and Hannah’s determined to be there. But on the night she’s mocked by Victoria and Kayleigh and leaves, taking a bottle of wine for comfort. Moira, Andy and Marlon turn up later and are worried when Hannah’s nowhere to be seen. Marlon takes off to find her and eventually returns her to her relieved parents in one piece but more than a bit tipsy. How grateful will Moira be?

Hard-nosed Cain really does still have a soft spot for Charity. But will she exploit it? Over dinner at Tug Ghyll, Cain tells the hard-headed Charity that he loves her. Now what? Can she really run off with all of his money after a declaration like that? It looks like it. While Cain goes upstairs to tend to Sarah, Charity nicks the access card to the storage unit from his wallet. Now she has the key and the card and she’s determined not to let love get in the way of her get-rich-quick scheme.

And how blunt will Nicola have to be before Scarlett realises she’s expected to stump up for Angelica’s new christening gown? All of Nicola’s hints have got her nowhere and, frustrated, she reconsiders her tactics. Will her new plan work?

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