Hanssen quits Holby!

Following his public outbursts on the NHS in recent weeks, speculation is rife that Henrik Hanssen’s days as Holby boss are numbered.

Things go from bad to worse for Hanssen, when he hears the board has received formal complaints from staff doubting his leadership, and he’s been summoned to a meeting later that day.

Feeling the strain, Hanssen heads to the basement where he meets hospital porter, Karol who, assuming Hanssen’s a patient, says his roles as both patient-caring surgeon and money-managing CEO are not compatible.

Back on Keller, Hanssen takes over the case of Dylan Brenton, the son of his first ever patient at Holby, but feels a failure when Dylan’s condition worsens. Later, Hanssen is shaken when he receives a mysterious call.

As the board waits for Hanssen at the meeting, he drives off. Has he left for good?

Meanwhile, Jonny finds himself in the middle of Mo and Jac over a difficult patient case. As tensions boil over, in trying to please both women, Jonny risks losing both.

And Sacha wants to have one more run at being a Consultant, but ends up with more than he bargained for when Michael gives him his patient list. Has Sacha got what it takes?