Happy 18th Andrew!

Unaware that Paul knows about his backpacking scheme, Andrew can’t believe his luck when he sees brochures in Paul’s car for a brand new Audi. Anticipating the big moment at his 18th birthday party, things turn sour when Paul gets his own back. The car arrives and, not being as flashy as he expected, the celebration turns into humiliation. Paul ends up teaching Andrew a valuable life lesson.

Tash is preparing for her last day in Ramsay Street. After being forced to attend boarding school due to her disobedient behavior, she’s prepared to make it a night to remember. Having banned Chris from telling Summer and Andrew she’s leaving, she keeps her secret under wraps. But this proves hard as she’s bombarded with questions, increasing the pressure to confess.

The rift between Susan and Karl grows as he opts to take a professional approach to Jim’s wellbeing. Having refused to give Jim more painkillers, Susan resents his decision and turns to Jim’s former doctor, Rhys, for help. Choosing to back up Karl’s decision, he leaves Susan feeling frustrated. Karl is equally frustrated with the amount of time Susan is spending with Jim and can’t stop thinking about the kiss he witnessed.