It’s Cain’s birthday and he wants Moira… He gets her, too – in her birthday suit! But they do a bit of dancing around each other first. Moira wants to know why Cain stood her up at the pub the night before. Later, he goes looking for Moira and finds her at home. He’s sorry about last night, but he’s with her now – and Moira’s going to take full advantage of that. She’s still not sure that any kind of relationship with Cain is a good idea, but she’s not thinking with her head when she gets naked with him.

Declan’s full of guilt about Katie. So is Gennie – she argued with Katie, too, before Katie’s accident. But Declan’s got Megan… After turning her away at first, he’s now letting his sister offer him support. So it’s probably a good thing, then, that Katie’s not there, as she would hate to see how her temper tantrum has reunited Megan and Declan.

Rhona’s not happy when she finds out that Paddy has someone else: Marlon. While she’s operating with smooth operator Brett the vet, Paddy’s been out playing with Marlon. How could he forgive the whole New Zealand nightmare??? That’s what Laurel wants to know, too – but her question’s for Marlon!