Happy days, Aaron is officially a Dingle!

*First episode*

After all the heartache over his dad, troubled Aaron feels he can finally start to move on when he receives a deed poll document through the post that states he’s now officially a Dingle. Keen to help put his past behind him and celebrate the good news, Chas and Charity organise a Dingle family party, which doesn’t go down well with Liv and Robert!

But Aaron’s happiness is short-lived. Not only does he find out that Robert burned the secret letter Gordon sent him behind his back, but then DS Wise turns up and drops a shocking bombshell about his dad – Gordon is dead!

Meanwhile, Ross is concerned when he learns about Emma’s supposed ‘health problems’. At the doctors, Dr Bailey calls Emma, Finn and Pete in to see him… so will Emma’s lies finally be exposed?

As their friendship continues to blossom with Paddy having left for Hamburg, Rhona tries to allay Pierce’s fears about his upcoming job interview. But the single mum seems to have a rival in the shape of Carly, who clearly fancies Pierce and is chuffed when he compliments her. As a flirty Carly boldly asks Pierce if he’s single, will Rhona be able to hide a spark of jealousy?

Also, Belle has a go at Holly for telling Cain about her married man, while Holly can’t help but feel jealous of Moira and Cain’s relationship…