Happy New Year? Not for everyone…

It’s New Year’s Eve – and what’s a party without a catfight? Scarlett’s claws come out when Mia makes a bold move on Adam, kissing him in front of everyone in The Woolpack. Whoa! Scarlett had completely missed her boy giving Mia more than a passing glance. So, thinking it’s Mia making all the moves, Scarlett flies at her and has to be pulled off by Jimmy. Confident Mia can take care of herself, Declan and Ella sneak out of the pub and head home for their own little New Year’s Eve party..

Declan’s dad Dermot also has an eye for the ladies. And he’s particularly smitten with Pearl. Careful, Pearl. Dermot’s got no home and no money, but a lot of cheek and charm.

Pollard can’t charm Michael, but he’s determined to get rid of him – and Val’s determined to get the truth about what happened to Elizabeth. She thinks Turner will give her some straight answers, but he just confirms that Pollard was in trouble before Elizabeth’s death. At the B&B, Pollard says he’s paid off Michael and the matter’s over. But it’s not. Val doesn’t believe a word he says and leaves him!

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