Happy New Year!… Not!

Jai has a very bad start to 2012 when the police turn up at the factory again. But this time they’re after Charity! Obsessed with getting Charity out of Jai’s life, Nikhil has told the police that she lied in her statement (which she did, but the police were never supposed to find that out). Now the police want to talk to Charity about those fibs and Charity guesses straight away that Nikhil has dropped her in it. Bitterly disappointed in his brother, Jai signs the factory over to Charity, so she can run the show if Jai goes to prison. Nikhil didn’t expect that! And no one expected Cain to support Charity’s false statement. But he does – for Debbie and Sarah’s sake, he says.

Ashley wants to move away from Emmerdale for the sake of his marriage. Knowing that many of the villagers know that Marlon’s in love with Laurel is more than he can bear and he turns to visiting vicar Jude, telling him he wants to move to a new parish.

Nicola knows her dad Rodney needs a new job and charms Jimmy into finding something for him at the haulage firm. But Carl is not charmed by that idea and flat-out refuses. Trouble is, Nicola has already told Rodney he’s hired!