*Hour episode*

So, who’s Cupid firing arrows at in Emmerdale? It wouldn’t be Rachel and Sam, would it? Not when they’ve insisted to just about the whole village that they’re just friends… Ah, but it is! Rachel thinks Sam has sent her a Valentine’s card (it was Amelia, trying to play matchmaker) and she’s happy about it. She goes to thank him, then realises she’s made a humiliating mistake and runs off. The thing is, Sam does like Rachel in that special way, but he’s scared of being hurt. He goes to talk to Rachel but, remember, Sam’s not always good with words.

David can get a bit tongue-tied, too, but he manages to say something that makes Jacob happy… The little lad has lost Val’s dog and David tells him he’s found it. Yay! David and Jacob are mates again. David’s happy about that, but not about Alicia’s news: she’s getting an annulment – it’s faster than a divorce and means David and Priya can get wed sooner rather than later.

Moira’s not feeling happy… Farmer John died a year ago and she and Chas drink to his memory. Chas thinks Moira needs a night out – at The Woolpack (well, Chas needs all the customers she can get). But Cain isn’t happy to see her flirting with a bloke…