Heath, Casey and Natalie return home to find the police waiting for them, so Brax heads for the hospital instead. Casey’s treated by Sid but it’s not long before the police turn up and arrest the young Braxton for missing his court date. Brax tries to explain but his story sounds implausible.

Only when they interview Natalie, who corroborates Brax’s version of events, do the police realise there may be a reason for Casey’s absence. Meanwhile, Brax is stunned when Natalie breaks up with him. She’s realised the Braxtons are too tight nit for her to have a chance of being important enough in Brax’s life.

Heath and Bianca struggle to come to terms with Rocco’s death and Heath wonders if they’d somehow caused it. It’s all too much for Bianca who moves into Irene’s, unable to live in the house in which her son died. Brax arrives home to find Heath in pieces and does his best to try to comfort his brother.

And Gina confronts Marilyn over the kiss with John but Marilyn is clearly bemused, not sure what Gina has heard. Later, Roo talks to Gina, revealing that the attempted kiss was one-sided and Marilyn had not reciprocated John’s feelings.