This week’s Hard to Please OAPs include Michael Whitehall, who joins Ruth Madoc on a futuristic camping trip

It’s time for some of the veteran stars to head off on holiday as Ruth Madoc (who sadly doesn’t say, ‘Hello campers!’) and Michael Whitehall test state-of-the art camping equipment.

Hard to Please OAPs

Michael Whitehall and Ruth test out tents

While an inflatable tent proves tricky, a pop-up shower cubicle doesn’t impress and nor does a meal kit that cooks itself (Michael claims the results look like something his dog might eat…
or produce).

At home, June Brown and Amanda Barrie try a vibrating exercise plate and an automatic yoga mat that sends June to sleep!

Hard to Please OAPs

John Sergeant gets into a sweat

But as John Sergeant samples home sauna equipment, he works up more of a sweat getting it out of the box…

TV Times rating: ****