A greedy Hari spins a web of lies in order to get more money out of Edna for fixing a hurt Tootise. Louise is shocked when Edna tells her that a ‘caring’ Hari was up all night with the dog, when she knows very well that he spent the night with her.

Paddy suggests to Hari that they give Edna a discount for the vet’s bill. An angry Hari looks to Louise to back up his lie that he was at the vet’s and not with her.

Andy is sympathetic following Jo’s bust up with her mum and he apologises for not believing the terrible stories that she told him about her mum. Jo breaks down in Andy’s arms and the pair bond as they talk about difficult parental relationships.

Perdy is frustrated by the lack of sexual attention from Gray and when she finds some texts on his phone from ‘Lady Luck’ she assumes the worst. A miserable Perdy shares a bottle of wine with Matthew and Gray is shocked to walk in on them. Gray assures Perdy that he loves her, but Perdy is convinced that the only reason he stays with her is that they both want a baby.

Also, Lisa and Zak ask Jasmine to tutor Belle.