Lula and her mother are facing deportation, and the authorities come to their home. Panicked, Lula’s mother tells her to climb out of the window and run away. However, the police arrive at Waterloo Road shortly afterwards and wants to know where she is but no one seems to know. Then Harley gets a text from Lula to say she’s hiding in the school. When her pleas for help fall on deaf ears, Lula turns to Audrey who rallies the school to protect her.

Meanwhile, George is left in charge while Christine has a day off but is soon out of his depth when Audrey rouses the school in a mass protest against Lula’s deportation. George then heads off to enjoy a charity lunch, much to Simon’s distain. He’s concerned that the Immigration Officers will arrive for Lula but Audrey and the students are prepared. Soon a mass rooftop protest is underway…

Dynasty’s future is also in the balance with her fitness test coming up. Simon asks if she’s prepared, and she gets upset and walks off – she’s far too concerned with boyfriend Kevin’s slow recovery.

Barry turns up to take Gabriella for a fancy lunch but, to his horror, she insists that Rhiannon comes along as well.